Birthday Parties

Classic Birthday Party:

This two hour party takes place during open swim and gives you and your friends one hour of swim time in our indoor pool. No need to worry about how cold or hot it is outside to enjoy this party! After your pool time, you will adjourn to our downstairs party room for the second hour to open your gifts, play games and eat your birthday treats!

Deluxe Birthday Party:

For this party, you and your friends/family will receive extended time in our swimming pool during open swim for a total of one and a half hours. Following the swim time, our party room will be available for you to continue to celebrate your special day with the food of your choice, games, and gift opening!

Splash Birthday Party:

This party is for the birthday individual that would like to celebrate with their friends privately. You receive one hour of pool time exclusively by yourselves followed by one hour in the party room for celebrating in style with the food of your choice, games, and a chance to open your gifts!

Super Splash Party:

This two and a half hour private party will give you one and a half hours of fun time with your friends and family in our indoor pool followed by one hour in our downstairs party room. Bring the treats of your choice, play your favorite games, and be the star of the day opening your gifts in our large room with plenty of space for all of your guests!

Basic Sports Party:

This two hour will give you and your friends the opportunity to play in our gym for one whole hour before heading down stairs to our party room for the refreshments of your choice. Our room is large enough for you to continue with game playing and gift opening. A special day you will certainly remember!

Classic Sports Party:

An extra long that will provide you with one and a half hours of gym time to play your favorite sport followed by one hour in our party room. The extra hour downstairs will allow you to bring your favorite birthday foods, play games, and open gifts on your special day!

Sports and Splash Party:

This awesome party will give you and your friends/family one hour in the gym to play the sport of your choice followed by one hour of continued fun in our ‘cool pool!’

Super Sport and Splash Party:

This is our super-duper party for an extreme birthday celebration! Treat your friends and family to one of the best parties they will ever attend! You will have one hour in the gym, followed by one hour of swim time in our indoor pool. Top off your special day with one more hour in our party room where you can dine on your favorite birthday treats, play more games, and open your birthday gifts!